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Video Booth

The experience is entirely digital, featuring video, GIF, photo, and boomerang capabilities, ensuring a memorable event.

DSLR Booth

The DSLR Booth, captures exceptional high-quality pictures that are instantly printed on location. You can take them home, put them in your wallet, or use them as you wish.

Selfie Mirror X Booth

The Mirror X Booth is ideal for those seeking a more extensive and enhanced Mirror Booth experience. Featuring a larger frame, built-in strobe lights, and an advanced multi-touch interface accommodating up to 10 users simultaneously, it is designed to impress and engage your guests.

Mirror X photo booth

Mosaic Booth

Our innovative Mosaic Wall feature brings together photos from the event to create a collective picture, promoting a sense of community. Viewing individual photos up close or taking a step back reveals the larger, unified image.

Irreplaceable Moments

Looking for a Custom Experience?

Looking to personalize your event experience? Tripple A offers a range of products to make your event truly unique. From customizable design options to exciting add-ons like memory books, we ensure that your event reflects your individuality.

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